Thursday, December 4, 2014

John Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Operation Hope. He serves for President Obama as Chairman of the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability

John is also the author of "How The Poor Can Save Capitalism, Rebuilding The Path To The Middle Class."

Social Entrepreneur John Hope Bryant explores why raising our voices in protest when we disagree with our leaders makes us a stronger nation.  But, raising our hands in violent retribution only causes additional suffering.  In Ferguson, destruction of small businesses means that a community that had few jobs, now has significantly less.

Unfortunately, protestors are hurting businesses that have nothing to do with the injustices of Ferguson's criminal justice system.  By destroying these businesses it has caused huge economic losses for no only the business owners, but the employees of these businesses, which can deflect from the tragedy of the loss of Michael Brown.

  • John discusses his thoughts about Ferguson.
  • What are the underline factors  of the civil unrest in Ferguson.
  • Are there parallels with Rodney King, Trevon Martin, and Michael Brown.
  • How economics and education and ownership are the keys.

We would like to thank John and Berrett-Koehler Publishers for providing a few copies of his book.  For those listeners who would like to receive a complimentary copy of "How The Poor Can Save Capitalism", please email you name and address to

To listen to my interview with John Hope Bryant, please click below.

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  1. Great interview! Economics is the key to true freedom.