Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MIchael A. Ross, Author of "The Great New Orleans Kidnapping Case."

Michael discusses how his book "The Great New Orleans Kidnapping Case" is a first in-depth account of this historical event, chronicling the crime from time it was committed, to a very public investigation, all the way up to the sensational trial.  He gives us a snapshot of the Reconstruction-era South will all of its political, social, and racial nuances.  He hints at the perfect storm that made the Mollie Digby kidnapping front-page news across the nation.  Michael describes the two women accused of this crime as Afro-Creole, extraordinarily polished, beautiful, and stylish.

Michael will be lecturing at the Clinton School of Public Service, Wednesday, October 22nd at 6:00 p.m. Followed by a book signing.

We would like to thank Michael and Oxford Press for providing a few copies of his book.  For those listeners who would like to receive a complimentary copy of "The Great New Orleans Kidnapping Case", please email your name and address to theminacollinsshow@gmail.com.

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Fall 2014 Author Tour

Raleigh, NC                                        Quail Ridge                                   October 23rd
Nashville, TN                                      Parnassus Books                             October 28th
Baton Rouge, LA                                 Louisiana Book Festival                   November 1st
Huntington, NY                                   Book Revue                                   November 6th

Friday, October 17, 2014

Janis Kearney, Author, Founder-Publisher of Writing Our World Press and Elliott Jones, Grandson of the Late and Great Dr. Maya Angelou. Elliott is a Project Manage of Ashoka's Youth Venture, and Start Empathy.

Janis discusses the Celebrate Maya!, Project.  This event is to celebrate and honor the Life of Dr. Maya Angelou, on Saturday, October 18th starting at 11:00 a.m. - 1p.m. in Stamps, Arkansas at the Lafayette County High School.  For more information about this event, check out the Celebrate Maya Facebook page.

Elliott shares with us his personal thoughts and stories about his Grandma, Dr. Maya Angelou.  He discusses how her legacy is living on through him and the family foundation, the Cage Bird Legacy, Continuing The Life Work of Maya Angelou.  Dr. Angelou's latest book is called "Rainbow in the Cloud", The Wisdom and Spirit of Maya Angelou. It will be available October 28, 2014 and "Maya Angelou", The Complete Poetry. It will be available March 31, 2015. For more information about Dr. Maya Angelou the web address is MayaAngelou.com.

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Mina Collins

When we have persons in our lives who has lived a larger-than-life legacies, we are often told, "You have some big shoes to fill." I have always found this statement to be quite fascinating. While these words have built up many people's lives, they have  destroyed even more. 

This is, I believe,  one of the most misunderstood statements in the English language. Yes, we all have have big shoes to fill, whether we have a larger-than-life person in our lives or not. When we were created, however, we came with a set of our own shoes that are by nature, too big for us. We spend a lifetime working on our assignment to fill our own shoes, not someone else's. 

Our icons' shoes stand as a testament of possibilities. To be studied, to be admired, and to be reflected on. However, never to be worn. Let's wear our own shoes. They are the best fit we will ever find. Even though we will never totally fill them no matter how long we live, no matter how many lives we touch, or no matter how much we accomplish.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dr. Michael Mandel, Chief Economic Stategist of Progressive Policy Institute

Dr. Michael Mandel discusses the Progressive Policy Institute's recent report, U.S. Investment Heroes of 2014:  Investing at Home in a Connected World.  Dr. Mandel gives his views on job creation, manufacturing, and how these expenditures effect the U.S. economy. 

To download a complimentary copy of this report, go to www.progressivepolicy.org. 

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

U.S. Senator John Boozman (AR)

U.S. Senator John Boozman discusses his views on:

ISIL and whether he would support boots on the ground
The true meaning of the low Unemployment Rate
The unemployment rates for African Americans and youth  
The new changes within the Veteran's Administration 
The rise in the Stock Market
The Federal Reserve  
Constituency Services

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